“We are delighted and proud to be a Ripple partner. By telling our project’s story  through the eyes of your brilliant team, you have given us a powerful tool to fight energy poverty”. Solar Sister

World-class images and films can catapult an organization to the top of the grant application pile, transform a fundraising event, and touch the hearts of potential donors. Compelling storytelling humanizes work in a way that charts and numbers simply cannot, with visual proof of the life-changing work that results from their support.

Ripple Effect Images works with aid organizations in two ways:

Donated coverage:

While there is no formal application process, Ripple staff continually research best practice organizations that empower women and their children in the developing world. We look for innovation and success across 7 key areas: Food, Water,Health, Education, Economic Empowerment and Climate Change.

Once an aid organization is selected and vetted, Ripple sends a team to document their work. We create a film for them and provide access to all the still images. These storytelling assets have proven to be a powerful multiplier, raising more than ten million dollars for our aid grantees. Ripple continues to promote our aid grantees through our dynamic social media.

Make a Ripple:

Ripple also works with foundations, aid organizations, and corporations whose programs are on mission with ours, and who have a budget to support a Ripple coverage, speaking event or exhibit.

Make a Ripple is a fee-based service for a select number of client partners each year.

Opportunities include:

  • Create a Film: Humanize and Highlight Aid Programs with a Ripple filmmaker who will document your program and create a compelling film.Create an Image Collection of thousands of photographs by a Ripple photographer that can be maximized across media platforms, acting as a centerpiece for websites, fundraising, conferences, galas and exhibits.
  • Custom Video Content, Utilizing the Ripple Photo Library: Create a global look at an issue, working with existing material in the Ripple Library.
  • Create an Animated Film: Ripple’s world-class animated videos can be created to address difficult issues, deliver data in an entertaining way, and make complex issues digestible.
  • Develop Educational Materials to be shared with in-country programs.
  • Maximize Outreach via Ripple Effect Images’ extensive social and media networks.
  • Speaking Events: Ripple’s photographers are accomplished and passionate speakers who have presented shows at major events including The Skoll World Forum, Adobe MAX, the United Nations and many others.

Budgets are customized to fit each unique project. Ripple Effect Images is a 501c(3) public charity.

Want to Make a Ripple? Please contact Laura Ruschak

[email protected]