How does Ripple Effect Images help aid organizations?

Ripple Effect Images identifies best practice aid organizations and assigns world-class photographers to document their programs. The resulting visual assets are gifted to the aid organizations to raise awareness and funding for their programs.

Who uses the Ripple Effect Photo Library?

Anyone may view our films and photos on our website, but images may only be downloaded by designated Ripple Partners. Partners receive a usage license, but the copyright belongs to the photographer.

Can I use images from the Photo Library?

No. Ripple is not a photo agency and does not license images. Individual photographers own their copyright and can be contacted to license their work.

Can I contribute photographs, film, or writing to the Ripple Photo Library?

Not at this time. All photographic assets are produced and documented by the Ripple Team.

Can I donate funds or appreciated stock to Ripple Effect Images?

Absolutley! Thank you for supporting solutions for women and girls. Ripple accepts donations via:
-Checks. Please send donations to:
Ripple Effect Images
12110 Sunset Hills Road
Reston, Virginia 20191
-Ripple also accepts donations of appreciated stock.

Can Ripple Photographers be hired for speaking events?

Yes. A number of Ripple photographers are available to present, with a $5,000 minimum donation to Ripple Effect Images.

Are donations to Ripple Effect Images tax deductible?

Yes. Ripple Effect Images is a 501(c)(3), and donations are tax deductible.
All donations will receive a confirmation receipt containing Ripple’s tax EID number.

Who are the Ripple Effect Images partners?

Ripple’s partners include aid organizations, foundations and corporations who are working to empower women and girls in the developing world.

Can I suggest a new Ripple Effect Images partner?

Certainly. Please send all suggestions and inquiries to [email protected].

How are aid beneficiaries selected?

Ripple Effect Images has a rigorous review process. Our partners are chosen based on innovation, success and sustainability. Ripple does not have an application process.

Can aid organizations hire Ripple to cover their programs?

Yes. Organizations whose work aligns with the Ripple Effect Images mission and are able to support documentation may be able to work with Ripple. Ripple has worked with a number of organizations in a fee for service capacity.