“Ripple’s piece is the most concise, beautifully presented audio visual that I have used in the 19 years that I have worked here.”

Since 2010, Ripple Effect Images has…

  • Documented 24 aid programs
  • Conducted coverage in 15 countries
  • Built an archive of more than 20,000 powerful images
  • Produced 26 films for our aid partners
  • Presented our partners’ success stories to more than 50,000 people at international conferences, including UNHCR, UNGA, PEW, CGI, and the U.S. State Department
  • Helped raise millions of dollars for our aid partners

With your support, imagine what we can do next.

  • “Many thanks for the beautiful images that have helped us communicate the links between women and the environment to partners and supporters the world over! This compelling media has made a huge impact on our work.”
    Jamie Bechtel | New Course, United States
  • “We have posted the video to our YouTube channel where it’s gotten 5000 views. We’ve also made it available on DVD form to our fundraising staff who have shown it to tens of thousands of people. It is certainly the finest program interpretation film we’ve ever had and has sparked a real increase in giving.”
    Tom Hampson | Church World Service, Kenya
  • “Ripple Effect Images has helped Chintan tell our stories of women and children in the informal recycling sector and therefore raise profile and resources. But most importantly, it has helped us in our advocacy programs. We have been able to share with our partners a part of our work which is otherwise very intangible : i.e., building capacity and knowledge.”
    Moses Banee | Chintan, India
  • “I showed the Women and Water video to our youth group and told them that what they had raised the previous year was about the cost of one sand dam, which excited them. They then set a goal for two sand dams, which they achieved, raising $12,704!”
    Amy Porter | Church World Service, Kenya
  • “The visuals are shot in such way that prospective benefactors can relate their lives with the lives of the PPES children. It also reflects the effective operational strategy of PPES, revolutionizing the world of these girls. This video shows the dream of educational empowerment and employment for rural Indian girls. We would like to thank and congratulate Ripple Effect Images.”
    The Staff of Pardada Pardadi, India
  • “The fair market value of the TIST video of $50,000 doesn’t fully measure the artistic impact in telling the story of these women. The response to the video has been fabulous. I wish you could have been a fly on the wall to hear what people have said. This has all been made possible by the amazing team at Ripple Effect Images. We are delighted and honored to be partners.”
    Angela Costello | TIST, Kenya