Gifts of Appreciated Stock

Photo by Lynn Johnson, Kenya

Photo by Lynn Johnson, Kenya

Consider the Gift of Appreciated Stock

Any gift of appreciated stock can benefit both Ripple and you! Here’s how it works. Let’s say you bought a stock for $1,000 several years ago, and it has appreciated to $5,000 today, you will incur a capital gains tax when you decide to sell. However, if you donate these same shares worth $5,000 to Ripple Effect Images instead, we can sell it for $5,000, and you receive the following benefits:

  1. You can avoid paying capital gains tax, and
  2. Because you donated the asset to charity, you may take the full amount as a tax deduction.


Ripple Effect Images receives every cent of the amount you intended to donate in cash, and the methodology benefits you too. Because of our 501(c)3 tax status, Ripple Effect Images will not incur a tax either. It’s a win-win!


Ameriprise DTC, Wiring and Deposit Instructions:

American Enterprise Investment Services
DTC #0756
Account # 6621520
In the name of Ripple Effect Images

Wells Fargo Bank MN, NA
6th Street and Marquette Avenue
Minneapolis MN 55479
Wire RTN:121000248
Credit to: American Enterprise Investment Services, Inc. Account # 6886001293
For Further Credit to: Ripple Effect Images, Account #6621520 1 6 133

Sending Checks
Payable to: Ripple Effect Images Account #6621520
Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc.
70400 Ameriprise Financial Center
Minneapolis, MN 55474

For further information, please contact the Financial Advisor:
Mr. Edward Tilghman
Phone: 301-320-0500, ext 466