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Bit by Bit | Heifer International

The Story

Elizabeth grew up in the countryside of Peru, grazing alpaca. Her dream was to attend school. But like so many girls in her community, Elizabeth was told “Boys are students. Girls take care of livestock.” Without an education, Elizabeth ended up alone and impoverished, a single mother struggling to take care of her young son. She continued to raise alpacas, but while she tended the flock she also began to knit. With the help of Heifer International in Peru, Elizabeth organized other mothers and formed a handicraft association to sell their knitting wares at local markets. Heifer also helped the women learn how to create more marketable pieces and, last year they opened a small boutique at the train station.Bit by Bit is the story of a woman unwilling to be marginalized. Elizabeth has become a leader in her community, an advocate for girls to attend the local school, and a teacher who is able to share her knitting skills and marketing knowledge with other women and girls.