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480 Votes | CARE Peru

The Story

480 Votes is the story of Lourdes Lucila Saavedra Pilco, a Peruvian woman who has spent most of her life working backbreaking jobs to ensure that her children would receive the education that she was denied. Her goal was made even more difficult as extremes of climate change took a toll on the livestock she depended upon. With the help of CARE Peru, Lourdes was taught basic veterinary skills and wellness training to make her animals stronger. She learned how to supplement their feed and inoculate them against illness. In less than one year, Lourdes saw a marked improvement in the health of her animals. Her income improved, her self esteem grew, and she became a leader in her community. Lourdes became the first female in Peru to take her livestock to sale in Lima. Most importantly to Lourdes, both her children are now attending University.