What We Do

Video by the Ripple Effect Images Team.

Ripple Effect Images’ (Ripple) mission is to harness the power of visual storytelling to help scale solutions for women and girls globally. We identify best practice aid programs and document their innovative and sustainable solutions. With compelling storytelling assets, aid organizations are able to raise awareness and funding to advance and scale their impact. Unique to our model is the Ripple Archive, a collection of world-class images and footage that can be shared and repurposed in hundreds of ways.

The extraordinary Ripple Effect team includes a MacArthur Genius Fellow, as well as Pulitzer Prize, Emmy Award, and National Humanities Medal winners.

Ripple is dedicated to covering under-reported issues that impact women and girls. Chief among those issues is the devastating toll that climate change is taking on the world’s most vulnerable. Ripple shines a light on solutions that help women not only adapt to their changing reality but become part of the mitigation process, while improving outcomes across our six focus areas: Economic Empowerment, Education & Training, Energy Security, Food Security & Nutrition, Health Security, and Water & Sanitation.

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