What does Ripple Effect Images do to Help Poor Women and Girls?
Ripple Effect Images is a collective of National Geographic Photojournalists who document the programs that empower poor women and girls. We provide the resulting films, photos and stories to our partners for free to help them raise both funding and awareness.

Can I contribute photographs, film, or writing to the Archive?
Not at this time. All Archive assets are produced and documented to uniform, high quality standards and all have uniform copyright, release, and similar associated certifications. As our capacity expands, we may offer the option to contribute work to the Archive.

Can I donate funds or appreciated stock to Ripple Effect Images?
Yes. We are currently accepting donations of cash or cash-equivalents (checks, money orders, etc.) and we are set up to accept donations of appreciated stock.
Please visit our donations page by clicking this link or contact us at info@rippleeffectimages.org and we will be happy to assist you with your appreciated stock donation.

Are donations to Ripple Effect Images tax deductible?
Ripple Effect Images is a 501(c)(3), and donations to Ripple Effect Images are tax deductible.
Our Tax-ID number is EID#27-3756018

Can I view the work held in the Ripple Effect Images Archive?
Yes, the Archive is located at archive.rippleeffectimages.org, although only those invited to use Archive materials are permitted to download its contents.

Who are the Ripple Effect Images partners?
Partners are NGOs who are working to empower women and girls in developing countries.  Ripple also works with policy makers, agencies and private corporations that are advocating for women and girls.

Can I suggest a new Ripple Effect Images partner?
Certainly. Please send all suggestions and inquiries to info@rippleeffectimages.org

Who owns the copyright of materials in the Archive?
Copyrights are held by the contributors. Partners receive a usage license only.

How are partners selected?
Ripple Effect Images has a rigorous review process.  Our partners are chosen based on innovation, success and sustainability. Learn more about partnering with Ripple.

Who are the current partners?
Our current partners and benefactors can be found on our Partners page.